Alberta NINT/10 July 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Inoculated 96-well plate with LB + amp50, LB + amp50 + kan30, and LB + tet10 and four colonies from
            each plate of the transformants from 07/07/08.
            K102022 in LB + amp50
            K102032 in LB + amp50
            K102032 + K102011 in LB + amp50 + kan30
            K102032 + K102034 in LB + amp50 + kan30
            K102032 + K102035 in LB + amp50 + kan30
            K102032 + K102036 in LB + amp50 + kan30
            XL1-B in LB + tet10

lab work (JD):

            Carried out Day1 procedure of Galactosidase Activity Assay
            Mini-prep of pSB4A5.1 and pSB4A5.2 where pSB4A5.1=lab DB3.1 cells, pSB4A5.2=commercial DB3.1 cells
            Restriction digest, pSB4A5/EcoR1 and Pst1
            Ran gel electrophoresis on 2% gel at 100V
            Gel purification of pieces