Alberta NINT/12 August 2008


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lab work (JD):

           Gel purification of TAIn_2, 3, 6, 7/X+H
           Collected Quantitative Data
           Performed Ligations of K102011+TAIn_2,3,6,7
           Transformed XL1-B cells with ligations
           Plated on LB+kan35
           Incubated at 37 overnight

lab work (SD):

             Transformation results:
             K102031 (negative control) 1
             TA2                        7
             TA3                        4
             TA6                        1
             TA7                        2
             Made overnights of the colonies on these plates.
             Punched out pSB1A7 and pSB1A3 from the parts registry book and transformed them into XL1-B cells.