Alberta NINT/12 June 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Isolated DNA from 11/06/08 overnights using QIAprep standard miniprep protocol.
            Set up sequencing reaction for I732018.1 and I732018.2.
            Digested BBa_I732018.1 and BBa_I732018.2 with XbaI + PstI.  Run on 2% agarose gel (110 V, 50 min).

lab work (JD):

            Mini-prep of LacZ part I732018
            Digested LacZ with XbaI and PstI
            Digested K102005 with BamH1 and NcoI
            Ran a gel, (see note below about LacZ part)
            Gel purified my K102005 band

            Gel electrophoresis revealed uncut plasmid, indicating that "I732018" was not the desired part.
            Reviewing the parts registry, it was noted that the wrong plate well was used to obtain I732018.
            I732018 was re-isolated from the correct well, transformed into XL1-B and made into overnights.