Alberta NINT/15 July 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Since the double-plasmid cell cultures failed to grow in LB+amp50+kan35 broth, perhaps the colonies 
            grown on LB+amp50+kan35 plates were not selected for kan resistance (ie. kan was not present on 
            these plates).  New LB+amp50+kan35 plates were made and the transformation was redone.
            K102022 (LB+amp50)
            K102032 (LB+amp50)
            K102032+K102011 (LB+amp50+kan35)
            K102032+K102034 (LB+amp50+kan35)
            K102032+K102035 (LB+amp50+kan35)
            K102032+K102036 (LB+amp50+kan35)

lab work (JD):

             We've decided to re-do the ligation another time from scratch:
             Created O/N from glycerol stocks of: