Alberta NINT/17 July 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Since the double-plasmid cell cultures did grow on the LB+kan35 plates we will try again to 
            grow them on LB+amp+kan35.  This time, 2.0ul of each of the plasmids is transformed into XL1-B 
            cells and plated in an attempt to increase transformation efficiency.
            K102032+K102011 (LB+amp50+kan35)
            K102032+K102034 (LB+amp50+kan35)
            K102032+K102035 (LB+amp50+kan35)
            K102032+K102036 (LB+amp50+kan35)

lab work (JD):

             Gel purification of pSB4A5/E+P, K102003/E+P, K102006/E+P
             Quantitated the samples
             Carried out ligations: K102003+pSB4A5=K102031, and K102006+pSB4A5=K102021
             Transformed XL1-B Cells
             Plated cells on LB+Amp plates