Alberta NINT/17 June 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Transformed XL1-B cells with:
                 K102000 + I732018.1
                 K102000 + I732018.2
                 K102000 (negative control)

lab work (JD):

              Re-created K102003 with new LacZ parts I732018.1 and I732018.2
              Ligated K102001 with LacZ Parts
              Transformed and plated XL1-B cells with K102003(1) (containing LacZ part I732018.1) and K102003
              (2) (containing LacZ part I732018.2)
              Our plates of K102007 from yesterday with 1/10 1/100 and 1/1000 dilutions didn't seem to make any 
              difference so we are going to recut TA0
              Restriction digest of TA0 with BamHI and NcoI
              Nucleotide removal of TA0/B+N
              Created glycerol stock of K102005
              Made fresh O/N of K102005 to be used tomorrow