Alberta NINT/18 July 2008


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lab work (SD):

            The double-plasmid cell cultures showed one-two colonies on the LB+amp+kan35 plates.
            To test transformation efficiency, we will plate 150ul of XL1-B with pSB4A5+pSB4K5 on LB+amp50, 
            LB+kan35, and LB+amp50+kan35 plates using different amounts of plasmid and cells.
                              pSB4A5 (ul)   pSB4K5 (ul)   XL1-B (ul)
                  A              1.0           1.0           100
                  B              4.0           4.0           100
                  C              1.0           1.0            50
                  D              2.0           2.0            50

lab work (JD):

             Ligations seem to have worked:
                   K102031: 1
                   K102021: 3
                   Negative:  0
              Made O/Ns from these colonies
              Replated cells left at the bottom of tubes from yesterday's transformation