Alberta NINT/23 July 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Results from 22/07/08 transformation:
                  LB+amp50     LB+kan35    LB+amp50+kan35
            WM      >100         >100         1
            SD      >100         >100        16
            Proceeded with B-Gal Activity Assay when cell cultures grown in the 96-well plate from 21/07/08 
            showed sufficient cell growth after two days at 37 C.  Prepared media
            (LB+antibiotics+IPTG+glucose/arabinose) and inoculated 1 ml of media with 20 ul of cell cultures 
            from the 21/07/08 96-well plate.  Incubated at 37 C overnight.
            Isolated DNA from overnights of K102011, K102034, K102035, and K102036, using 3 ml to pellet cells 
            using QIAprep spin miniprep standard protocol (to obtain more DNA for these constructs).