Alberta NINT/25 June 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Isolated DNA (K102008) from 24/06/08 overnights using QIAprep spin miniprep protocol.
            Set up K102008 for sequencing.
            Digested K102002 and K102008 with EcoRI + PstI, ran on 2% agarose gel at 110V for 50 min.
            Excised large fragments from the gel.
            Set up 8 overnights from the 14 colonies found on the K102008 plate from 24/06/08.
            NINT SD p52.jpg

lab work (JD):

             Decided to try AGAIN to recreate K102007 but using older versions of K102005/B+N that seemed to be
             cut better when looking at gels and ligating them to the newly annealed TA0/B+N (a combination I
             still haven't tried)
             Created K102007(1): K102005/B+N from June 18, and TA0/B+N newly annealed
             Created K102007(2): K102005/B+N from June 12 and TA0/B+N newly annealed
             Created K102006: K102003/B+N and TA0/B+N newly annealed
             Transformed XL1-B cells with the ligations and negative controls
             Plated cells