Alberta NINT/27 May 2008


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lab work (SD):

           DNA digest of K102000 with SpeI + PstI.  Incubated at 37 C for 1 hour.  
           Run on 2% agarose gel.  ~3 kbp fragment expected.  
           Ligated K102000 with E0433 and K102000 with null_output.

lab work (JD):

            Recovered Part BBA_R011 from iGEM package 
            Transformed XL1-B cells and plated on LB+Amp100 plates.  
            Created 2 O/Ns as well.

lab work (WM):

            Prepare BBa_K102010 fragments for ligation.
            K102010 is AraC::PromBad::TA0In
            AraC::PromBad comes is in BBa_I0500/SpeI+PstI (5.6kb fragment, including plasmid)
            TA0In (200bp) was synthesized commercially and placed in a vector.
            Gel-purify BBa_I0500/SpeI+PstI and TA0In?XbaI+PstI fragments from 2% agarose gel.