Alberta NINT/28 May 2008


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lab work (SD):

        Transformed XL1-B cells with the plasmids created 27/05/08.  
        K102002 had 170 colonies.  K102004 had 629 colonies.  K102000 negative control had 5 colonies.

lab work (JD):

         Carried out mini-preps on O/Ns
         Digested R0011 with SpeI+ PstI
         Ran gel electrophoresis and cut out desired band.

lab work (WM):

         Ligated I0500/(SpeI + PstI) with TA0In/(XbaI + PstI) 
         Transformed 2 ul into 100 ul XL1-B.  
         Plated 150 ul on LB + kan35