Alberta NINT/29 July 2008


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lab work (SD):

            Isolated DNA (K102031 and K102032) from 28/07/08 LB + amp50 culture tubes using QIAprep spin 
            miniprep protocol, using 5 ml of culture and a minelute spin column, eluting in 15 ul of Buffer EB
            to maximize the concentration of DNA obtained.
            Digested K102032 and K102031 with EcoRI + PstI.
            Ran on 2% agarose gel (110V 50 minutes) and excised the 50 bp fragment from K102032 and the 3 kb 
            fragment from K102031.
            Extracted DNA from gel usig QIAquick gel extraction protocol.
            Ligated K102032/E+P with pSB4A5 (from K102031 /E+P)(Negative control K102031 /E+P).

lab work (JD):

           Began creating new input plasmids
           Anneal oligos: TAIn_2, TAIn_3, TAIn_6, TAIn_7
           Digest oligos with XhoI and HindIII 
           Digest K102011 with XhoI and HindIII
           Nucleotide removal kit for TAIn_X/XhoI and HindIII
           PCR purification kit for K102011/XhoI and HindIII