Alberta NINT/29 May 2008


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lab work (SD):

          Colony PCR of 9 colonies from K102002 (XL1-B) and 9 colonies from K102004 (XL1-B)
          (plates from 28/05/09).  
          DNA was run on 2% agarose gel.  All 9 samples were identical on the gel. 
          K102002.2, K102002.4, K102002.5, K102002.8, K102004.1, K102004.3, K102004.4, and K102004.5 were      
          selected at random, inoculated into LB + amp50 culture tubes and incubated overnight at 37 C.
         NINT SD p19.jpg

lab work (JD):

         Gel purified R0011 band from gel electrophoresis. 
         Carried out quantitative analysis  
         Carried out ligation to create K102001 (R0011+T/A1)
         Transformed XL1-B cells with K102001. 
         Prepared R0011 for sequencing and dropped it off.

lab work (WM):

         # colonies from K102010 ligation: ~100        negative ctl: 0
         setup 8 O/Ns