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Andy's Specs
.:: Senior ::: Molecular biology ::.

Interests: rowing, any sport, the human body, Gustav and Humpfry
Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH ... Furthest traveled: London, England
Ethnic Dish: The Old Fashion Burger ... Store: Brookstone (massage chair)
Class: oncology ... Musician: last month The Rolling Stones, this month The Black Keys
This or Thats...
Paper or Plastic? paper ... Soda or pop? pop
Gatorade or Powerade? gatorade ... Heads or tails? heads
One place in the world to go to: Borneo
$5 at a gas station: a slushie, Sun Chips, and a Snickers bar
Dinner with historical character: Jesse Owens
First memory: catching a snake
Two truths and a lie:
1) Basudeb is my hero
2) Was almost killed by a chicken once
3) Someday I will recreate Jurassic Park