Ben's Profile


Ben's Specs
.:: Senior ::: Biochemistry and ME ::.

Interests: sports, coins, anything in the water
Birthplace: Madison, WI ... Furthest traveled: China
Ethnic Dish: cashew chicken ... Store: Wal-Mart
Class: Black music ... Musician: Michael Jackson
This or Thats...
Paper or Plastic? plastic ... Soda or pop? soda
Gatorade or Powerade? gatorade ... Heads or tails? heads
One place in the world to go to: the Amazon
$5 at a gas station: Kettle Cooked barbecue chips and Starbucks double shot
Dinner with historical character: Brett Favre
First memory: crawling in a kitchen
Two truths and a lie:
1) I've been skydiving
2) I've been bitten by a shark
3) I have never been to Taiwan