Brown: Team Resistance/13 June 2008


Toxipop lab notebook.png

13 June 2008

Attempted experimentation with lysis reagent Ran into problems with apparatus: how to put in shaker and not lose solution from plates?

Need apparatus that will withstand shaker

Meeting with Daniel Ludwig at 3pm—will see what suggestions he has

  • suggested trying different concentrations of cells and find that THRESHOLD!
  • 4 electrode system: might want to apply an AC circuit: high frequency is better
  • DAq card only measures voltages but can use labview programming to output a resistance reading
  • Bread-board from barus and holly (Professor J.D. Daniels)

To concentrate bacteria: Count the cells in a certain volume (with microscope) and extrapolate cell density--- concentrate accordingly

  • Method very tedious

For help with Labview etc: Professor J.D. Daniels (engineering), Daniel Ludwig

Suggestion of 4 electrode system: is it completely necessary? Would the voltage drop resulting from copper wires/electrodes be significant? If we use a DC or even AC because it’s such a small wire.