Brown: Team Resistance/23 June 2008


Toxipop lab notebook.png

23 June 2008

Update Meeting with Professor Wessel, Adrian, Diana, Team Limiter

  • To create apparatus, consider talking to Ed Mullen in Biomed Machine Shop
  • Contact Jill Kreiler in Microbiology (Imaging Faciltiy)
  • Better to use copper wire rather than steel because it has a more constant resistance

Test if the ions are what is causing change in resistance! (means of linking our novel results to something that is already proven)

  • Voltage sensitive dyes?
  • Refractometry?

Meeting with Professor Jerry Daniels Lent us:

  • Breadboard (2)
  • Labview CD-rom
  • PCI-6024E
  • Connection board
  • Connection cable

LABVIEW PASSWORD: M21X38773 Suggestions:

  • Be aware that every solder connection that we make and temperature will affect our readings
  • Use an AC current (high voltage sinusoidal current)
  • Mix solution during lysis

In terms of what causes our resistance change

  • Volume change before and after lysis?
  • Fewer large particles in way of electrodes (whole cells) after the cells burst so there is less resistance→ would help us


  • 22 gauge solid core hook-up wire in bread board
  • gold/silver chloride electrodes (can get from Grass Telefactor)