Brown: Team Resistance/24 June 2008


Toxipop lab notebook.png

24 June 2008

  • Apparatus construction: Lab View and Data Acquisition testing.

Trip to Radioshack:

  • resistors → 1Mohm and 10Mohm
  • 22 gauge solid core copper hook-up wire
  • wire crimpers
  • gold plated terminals

Practice Set-up

Daniel Ludwig came to our lab and helped us create our circuit and use LabView

  • First measure actual resistance of purchased resistors with multimeter:

1) 0.988Mohm→ this becomes our comparison resistor

  • Put resistor in breadboard to PCI:
  • Channel: AI1, Pin #: 33
  • Channel: AI GND, Pin #: 67
    • Used apparatus to measure resistance of a 10Mohm resistor
  • AO1, pin#21
  • AO GND, pin#55
    • Measured resistance of a 10Mohm resistor with apparatus
  • Resistance measured by multimeter: 2) 9.86Mohm
  • Our set-up led to fluctuating and inaccurate resistance measurement at first
  • Daniel Ludwig’s email said that LabView has a 30 minute warm-up period
  • When experiment tried again, resistance of 9.84-9.85Mohm was recorded by our apparatus =)
  • Real-time measurements possible
  • Graph can be created directly in LabView (Aaron said he could help us)

Made 3, 2mL cultures of bacteria from Harvard plate 75 (pVJ13) to compare its growth to the pVJ4 because growth has appeared slow —incubator 8:10pm-- in LB with NO ANTIBIOTIC to see if growth increases

Requested MDL for use of their spec to check whether our Nanodrop is giving inaccurate readings


  • Meeting with Dr. Jill Kreiling 2:30pm
  • Run experiments with saltwater to test efficiency of apparatus
  • Check growth of cell cultures