Brown: Team Resistance/26 October 2008


Toxipop lab notebook.png

26 October 2008

Biobricking work

  • Made new culture of the PVJ4 transformation so that a miniprep can be done.
  • New culture of gene S105 part made.

Began transforming promoters from the registry in order to ligate them to our cassette and create composite parts:

  • pBAD prmoter
  • IPTG inducible promoter
  • Mercury inducible promoter
  • Pu inducible promoter (xylene induced)
  • T7 promoter, with activity modified by change in temperature

Also re-transformed ligations of the pVJ4 cassette and the S105 cassette (both transformations unsuccessful in the past)

  • Will run a gel of the S105 gene restriction digest with EcoRI and SpeI for verification of part. The gel showed a faint band at the length we hoped for but there was no other band verifying the vector. We should have seen two bands but we only saw one.

Conductivity Tests

  • PVJ4 Colony 2 and 4 plus Controls. 10ml cultures. 420 ul of 50% Arabinose solution will be added. Conductance measurements will be taken before and after lysis has occurred.
  • Throughout the test, Optical Density measurements will be taken.