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Charlie's Specs
.:: Senior ::: Biochemistry ::.

Interests: singing, dancing, keepin' it real
Birthplace: Evanston, IL ... Furthest traveled: Cancun
Ethnic Dish: crunchwrap supreme (Taco Bell) ... Store: Thortons
Class: intro to companion animals ... Musician: Günther
This or Thats...
Paper or Plastic? paper ... Soda or pop? pop
Gatorade or Powerade? gatorade ... Heads or tails? tails
One place in the world to go to: España
$5 at a gas station: Double monster energy drink and beef jerky
Dinner with historical character: King Tut
First memory: falling down and breaking my tooth
Two truths and a lie:
1) I'm hot cause I'm fly
2) You ain't cause you not
3) 2+2=5