EPF-Lausanne/11 July 2008

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- We have found Top10 cells! We grow them at 37 degrees on LB plates overnight, and then put at 4 degrees in the fridge.

- We do some transformations,following the protocol of Invitrogen. :

 - Cells : DH5Alpha
 - Plasmids from the predator-prey systems.
   Predator 1, Predator 2, Prey 1, Prey 2, and pUC19 for the control. We do always two plates. One is diluted 1/10 in              
   SOC, and the other one is not diluted.
 - Let them grow at 37 degrees overnight and then put at 4 degrees in the fridge.

Results : The control, predator1 and predator 2 grow very well. The prey 1 and prey 2 hasn't grow. We will try again with the prey 1 and prey 2.

- We prepare some LB plates with different antibiotics (Amp, Cm, Kan)