Edinburgh/13 August 2008

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Week 9

Wednesday 13 August 08

  • Submitted M109 (pSb1A2+crtB+crtI) for sequencing as AH_109F and AH_109R using primers pSB1A2insF2 and pSB1A2insR2 respectively. (AH)
  • M127-M130: Minipreps of pSB1A2+PcstA (1,2,3,4), M131-M134: Minipreps of pSB1A2+dxs+crtE (1,2,3,4), M135-M138: Minipreps of pSB1A2+dxs+lims1 (1,2,3,4). All from plate 115. Note: M132 and M136 might be labelled wrong, the ethanol erased the writing on the tubes. Sorry! (OG)
  • Double digests performed on M127-138 using EcoRI/PstI. (AH, OG)
  • Transformation of L38 (pSB1A2-crtE) on Plate 116 (100ml) and plate 117 (900ml). (HX)
  • Ligation of P54 (cex) and P65 (cenA) into Edinbrick1, to make L39 (pSB1A2+cex) and L40 (pSB1A2+cenA). (Yan)
  • PCR for cenB (P68) and cenC (P69) from C. fimi genomic DNA: denaturing 1 min, annealing 56°C for 20s, extension 85s, with glycerol. Run on Gel 49. Results indicate failure. (AM)

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