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Meet The Team


BCCS-team-MdiBernardo.jpg Prof Mario di Bernardo BCCS-team-CGrierson.jpg Dr Claire Grierson
Engineering Mathematics Biological Sciences
Background & Interests: Dynamical Systems & Control; Nonlinear Dynamics and Bifurcation Theory; Synthetic Biology. Background & Interests: Cell Differentiation, Morphogenesis, Cells as Machines
CMlazarus.jpg Dr Colin Lazarus BCCS-team-PHemsley.jpg Dr Piers Hemsley
Biological Sciences Biological Sciences
Background & Interests: Plant and fungal molecular biology and biotechnology. Background & Interests: Protein modifications and their effects on cellular function. Molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry.
BCCS-team-APolynikis.jpg Athanasios Polynikis BCCS-team-GBreen.jpg Gordon Breen
Engineering Mathematics Biological Sciences
Background & Interests: Bioinformatician and plant cell biologist interested in subcellular protein location and function in polarly growing cells.

Student Members

BCCS-team-OPurcell.jpg Oli Purcell BCCS-team-Tgorochowski.jpg Thomas Gorochowski (E-mail)
Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences
Background & Interests: I currently wrestle day to day with complex systems for my PhD. I am hoping that iGEM will link together my interests in self organisation and emergence in cellular populations.
BCCS-team-MDrerup.jpg Maria Drerup BCCS-team-SAdie.jpg Sophie Adie
Biology MSc Zoology BSc
BCCS-team-JSchenkel.jpg Joseph Schenkel BCCS-team-IMiles.jpg Ian Miles
Biology BSc Engineering Mathematics MEng
Background & Interests: Botany, human biology. More recently, microbiology and synthetic biology.
BCCS-team-JGauss.jpg Jennifer Gauss RodgerTwead1.JPG Rodger Read
Biochemistry BSc Biology BSc
BCCS-team-SWoods.jpg Sophie Woods
Biochemistry/Medical Biochemistry BSc


BCCS-team-SJHogan.jpg Prof John Hogan BCCS-team-DWolfson.jpg Prof Dek Woolfson
Engineering Mathematics Chemistry
BCCS-team-AChampneys.jpg Prof Alan Champneys BCCS-team-NSavery.jpg Dr Nigel Savery
Engineering Mathematics Biochemistry

Other Members

BCCS-team-NFyson.jpg Nick Fyson BCCS-team-CHarrison.jpg Charlie Harrison
Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences Engineering Mathematics MEng
BCCS-team-GDunlop.jpg Ghizzi Dunlop
Biology BSc

Photo Album


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Modelling Team and BlueCrystal Supercomputer

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Wet Lab

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