We would like to thank the following individuals without whom this project would not have been possible:

  • John Cumbers: The founder and continual supporter of Brown iGEM
  • Professors Gary Wessel, Tayhas Palmore, Jerry Daniels, Carlos Aizenman, and Jill Kreiling
  • Graduate Advisors Adrian Reich, Diana Donovan, Jamie Gagnon
  • John Szymanski and Aaron Glieberman of BrownTwo for their help and ideas
  • Daniel Ludwig for helping us with the engineering behind our project
  • The UTRA Program, for funding us to do research at Brown over the summer
  • Departments of Biology and Medicine, Engineering, Computational Biology, Molecular, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry.

Thanks to the Mekalanos Lab at Harvard for providing us with the PVJ4 Plasmid and to the Young Lab at Texas A&M University for providing us with the DNA for plasmids with the lysis cassette and related sequences.

Thanks to Katja Kolar from the Slovenia iGEM team for sending us, J52008, I712019, I712052, I712564, I712051, I712564, to construct the dual luciferase assay.

Thanks to Team Paris for the inspiration for our Wiki menu design!

Thanks to Tito Jankowski, Deepa Galaiya, and Jeff Hoffman: Former Brown iGEM Members who helped train and guide us and who set a high standard for future iGEM Mentors