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Our Lab

  • CPU (China Pharmaceutical University) is one of the leading universities of China on synthetic biology and related fields. The lab where our iGEM team would work is one of the most key labs here. A sufficient and independent lab and space for discussing are available. Computers and service stations are equipped with latest technology and research equipments including PCR machine, MS, CE, HPLC systems, electrophoresis with imaging and analysis system, immune blotting system and related software etc. are all provided here to meet requirement of standard and advanced biology, molecular biology and bioinformatics research.
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Our Member

  • The team’s instructors will involve Professor Xiangdong Gao, primary contactor and one of faculty members in China Pharmaceutical University with rich experience in tutoring students on scientific research and exploration. Hong Tian, graduate student, also a skilled and talented researcher who has been taking several national foundation sponsored research programs herself for years and with plenty of experience in directing team working and program running, is also involved in the instructor board. The pool of instructors comprised of these three experienced tutors, had been directing the “Creative Practice Program” initiated by the education department of Jiangsu province for the last winter and summer vacations, which enriched their knowledge, skills and understanding of tutoring similar tasks.
  • Advisors:
    • Yaguang Liu
    • Hai Chen
  • Student Members:
    • Jie Huang
    • Wenchao Liu
    • Xiaochen Lin
    • Chao Liu
  • Our iGEM team will be consisted of 6 very enthusiastic members. Two of them majored in molecular biology, one in pharmacy, and the rest from other fields. All members are recruited because of their solid professional knowledge and skills, serious research attitude, broad spectrum of exploration experience, good learning and creating abilities and team working spirits.

What We Did