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Laboratory work


  • Pbad/araC:L-Arabinose induction test
  • BBa_I1304×1(1)(negative control)
  • BBa_R0051×4(1)~(5)Select single colony from Agar Plate and introduce to 2mlLB each other.

  1. incubated cultures at 37 &degC; for 12hours.
  2. Measured OD600.

Reaction mixtures were mixed in 48-well plate(deep well).

Sample No. 12345
Cultures(μL) 0μl1.9μl19μl190μl-
20%L-Arabinose(μL) 0μl1.9μl19μl190μl-
L-Arabinase conc. 0%(N.C)0.2%2%20%P.C

Measured the Green Fluorescence intensity by Fluoroskan Ascent 2.5(program:Ascent Software Version 2.6). Add L-arabinose and 30min,1h,2h,6h,12h,24h later, we measured intensicty of fluorescence. Result:

Time after arabinose induction / Sample No. 12345
30min 8.8909.75210.109.4139.701
1h 9.16113.9317.3714.9710.60
2h 9.41727.9640.2529.8710.72
6h 9.93374.99150.9125.010.04
12h 10.6499.39202.8872.0811.76
24h 14.66105.6447.333.3117.11


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