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Hande2.jpgCoLABoration with the iGEM-Team ESBS:

In September the iGEM-Team from Strasbourg came up with the idea to meet and help each other. Therefore Manuel visited us to talk about possible part and modeling exchanges. We talked about the difficulties using the parts from the registry. Last year we made very bad experiences with a few parts, leading to a total breakup of one project and the reliance on gene synthesis. Probably the defectiveness of many parts is one of the biggest problems iGEM participants have to cope with. We stayed in contact, exchanged some plasmids and made an appointment to meet each other in Strasbourg again. Subsequently three of us went to Strasbourg to spend a day with the ESBS-Team. We checked out their institute and laboratory, to enjoy the city afterwards. Especially eating too much Tarte Flambée in a nice pub led to a friendly comemmoration, as Robert entered totally new dimensions eating huge masses of the Alsatian specialty.

Thank you for the inspirations concerning our project, we are looking forward to the Jamboree!!!

From left to right: Manuel, Robert, Michael, Robin, Paul, Marius, Moritz, Katja, Philipp, Sandra.

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