Team:KULeuven/10 July 2008


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9-17h in labs and room 00.210 of the LBI
Present: all students (Nick and Stefanie were excused in the afternoon)


  • (Hopefully) Final workout of the project. See the figure below.
    • Smaller problems, we got rid of the miRNA again and decided to go for a complete antisense LuxI. This will be part of a new memory system that will allow HSL to accumulate if and only if an input signal has been received once in the past.
    • We also inserted the TetR together with LuxR under control of a constitutive promotor.
    • Most of the the Ribosome Binding Sites have been changed to less efficient ones in order to allow modification to weaker AND stronger ones if necessary.
    • Pulse generator has also been redone, based upon the first system with a key and a T7 RNA polymerase. This time however, the key comes first. We hope that its half life is sufficiently short.
    • Modelling in CellDesigner: inverter (modified) + cell death (new), input-ouput (new), memory (new), filter (modified) + cell death (new), pulse generator (new).
    • A presentation has been prepared for next week to inform the advisors, instructors, students and other fanatics.