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Who we are: Team Comparator

  • Yiannis Kaznessis: Head honcho
  • Katherine Volzing: Our babysitter
  • John Barrett: Lindy Snob
  • Jon Tomshine: Our model expert
  • Vassilis Sotiropoulos: Our Greek model expert
  • Tony Hill: Our post-doc model expert
  • Sarah Hendrickson: Let's do it to it!
  • Ellen Martin: Do you want to be UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC!?!
  • Ben Swiniarski: Likes long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain
  • Jeremy Riesberg: Prefers sunshine
  • Kristen Lindblad: Actually knows biology
  • Emma Weeding: Thermodynamic Mastermind
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

Team Pictures

What we did

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Where we're from

Ben Swiniarski: Papillion, Nebraska
Sarah Hendrickson: Lafayette, Colorado
Kristen Lindblad: Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Ellen Martin: Milford, Michigan
Jeremy Riesberg: Papillion, Nebraska
Emma Weeding: Richfield, Minnesota