Team background

This project was done by the NTU@iGEM team consisting of six undergraduate students during the period of May to July 2008. In addition, this project was also assisted by a number of graduate students and faculty advisors whom have given us valued advices and help throughout the project. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has helped us during the course of our project, please kindly refer to the Acknowledgements for more details.


Faculty Advisors

  • We would like to extend our special thanks to A/Prof William Chen for his guidance and help rendered to the iGEM team. We would also like to thank Dr Tan Tuan Lin for guiding the team and providing valuable insights for the experiments. Without their expertise and time, the project will not have gone this far in such a short time.

Student Helper

Lu Chao (Year 4 Bio-Engineering Student)

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Our team members (left to right): Yu Chin Chong, Wong Choon Kit, Ng Zhen Fu, Nguyen Xuan Hung, Lim Min-Lin, Darius Aw Kang Lie,

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Upcoming important events

1 July Team project descriptions due (Early summer teams)
Team registration fee due
1 September Final team rosters due
1 October Jamboree attendance fees due; notice and description of any use of non-standard parts or devices schemes due
15 October Project Summary forms due (to allow for organization of judging)
29 October Project and part documentation due
29 October BioBrick Part DNA received by the Registry
8-9 November iGEM Competition Jamboree, MIT, USA