Team:The University of Alberta/29 September 2008


Winnie did digestion of ER 1 and ER 2 with Age/Ngo in Buffer 4 loaded on a 1% gel

James ran PCR product of colony PCRs done on spetember 26 gel 1 looks ok, gel too seems like to have some contamination gel1 lane 2-9 are colonies 1-8 from ligations of J61003 with(21+22+23) lane 10-16 are colonies 1-7 from ligations of J61003 with (21+23) correct size 3kb-1.7kb need to do sequencing to confirm J6 is there

Gel2. lane 1-8=colonies of ligation of J61003+(22+24) lane9=1kb ladder lane10-16 are colonies of ligations of J61003+(25+24) looks like some contaimination was there