Team:UCSF/Summer Experience


Before UCSF

The Lincoln High students were graduates of a two-year course in Biotechnology developed by George Cachianes and co-taught with Julie Reis. The curriculum that George Cachianes developed can be found here.

The students that were selected to be part of the iGEM team met with Andrew Horwitz and Nili Sommovilla after school for a month preceding the end of the school year. During this time they discussed ideas for the iGEM project and learned more about epigenetics.


When they first arrived at UCSF the team met frequently to brainstorm project ideas and also to learn new concepts about synthetic biology, computer modeling, etc. Throughout the summer, we presented and discussed our results at weekly meetings which the buddies attended. Finally, the team completed multiple assignments to strengthen their knowledge of various subjects in biology and scientific reasoning. The summer's activities can be found in our calendar, below.

UCSF iGEM calendar

Fun time @ UCSF

Work, fun



‘TheWinner'sClub’ & etc. Creations

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