Chris Kelly is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta's molecular genetics program and a first time participant in iGEM. His interests include (but are not limited to) science, science and more science (genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, astronomy, quantum mechanics in particular); but he also enjoys math and philosophy. In his spare time, Chris enjoys the most nerdiest of pursuits - Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, video games, arguing on the internet about trivial things (Yes, the Millennium Falcon could kick the Enterprise's butt), reading (mostly non-fiction science books, but occasionaly hard sci-fi) and making countless references to internet memes. His musical tastes are, shall we say, refined? He listens mainly to heavy metal (the more extreme and obscure, the better) but also likes post-rock, IDM/EDM/EBM and a little bit of shoegaze and neofolk (well, Death in June, anyway). To top it off, he's a huge fan of Leonard Cohen. Go figure.

Chris plans on furthering his academic career and go to grad school; when and where and what to study has yet to be decided, however.