Anthony Lott is in his 3rd year of undergraduate studies of Physiology at the University of Alberta. Although this is his first year with iGEM, Anthony brings a diverse (and not necessarily practical) array of laboratory experiences to the table. His past research projects include: mate-choice preference of Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus (Hurd Lab, 2005), site-directed mutagenesis of GFP (Campbell Lab, 2006), micro-CT analysis of Gdf6 skeletal deformities (Lehmann/Doschak Lab, 2007), and pH-microenvironments associated with AE1 (Casey Lab, 2008). Anthony's interests include badminton, raving about speedminton, collecting dust and microbes on his unused Yamaha C2 grand piano, art and design, and one-upping his fellow teammates. He is also involved with organizing Frontier College and the Heart of the City Piano Program. Anthony is interested in pursuing a career in health-care.