Utah State/10 July 2008

From 2008.igem.org

The fluorescence of the GFP needing IPTG was tested. The sample without IPTG had an OD of 0.9 and the sample with IPTG had an OD of 0.7, not subtracting the media control. A fluorescence scan with excitation at 488 nm for a media control and the two samples showed only the two peaks (one at excitation and the other at a higher wavelength) characteristic of media, only varying in intensity due to light reflection from cells. The two streak plates, one with IPTG and one without, showed no visible fluorescence when placed on the UV transilluminator. At this point, it appears that the GPF transformation for J04430 is unsuccessful, although it may be possible that the concentration of IPTG is too low or needs to be added at a different point in time.