Utah State/5 June 2008

From 2008.igem.org

1. We got several colonies on each plate. The new amp works! We chose three colonies from each plates and then put them on new plates. Total, we made nine plates. Time for them to grow!

2. We are planning to do some new transformations. The parts we choose are BBa_J32007 (coded luxABCDE bacterial bioluminescence gene, plate 1009, location:4A), BBa_I719005 (T7 promoter, plate #: 1006, location:3G), part BBa_J45100 (Wintergreen, plate#:1020, 2C), BBa_J45200 (banana odor generator, 1021, 2A), and BBa45320 (salicylate generate, 1021, 2E).