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Meet up

2007. Dec.1 With Peking University team leaders.
2007. Dec.15 With all the students from different academies.
2008. Feb With candidate instructors in Our Department.
2008. March With Faculties from Professor Lee's lab.
2008. April With Drew Endy in Peking University.
2008. April With Peking University.
2008. May With SB4.0 Embassador
2008. June.21-22 On Teachers' Workshop, with most Asia teams.
2008. July.17 With Beijing Normal University Team
2008. July.25 With Invitrogen.Co. Ltd.
2008. August.4 With Invitrogen.Co. Ltd.
2008. August.15 With Beijing Normal University
2008. August With ETH_Zurich
2008. Sep.12 With Invitrogen.Co. Ltd.
2008. Oct.9 With Hong Kong University and HKUST
2008. Oct.15 With DSM


Tsinghua IGEM: Beijing Normal University

Attendance: Yilong Zou(Tsinghua), Junjie Luo(Tsinghua), Yuanfan Yang(Tsinghua), Feng Tian(Tsinghua), Yuemeng Wang(Tsinghua), Jingyi Wang(Beijing_Normal), Gang Wu(Beijing_Normal)

These two teams come all along together in the former six months. We visited each other’s labs frequently and shared lots of plasmids, genes, bacteria strains, techniques, visa experiences, funding skills and most significantly, friendship and encouragement. We determined to reserve flight tickets together and lodge as a whole team without hesitation when preparing for the Jamboree.

                            BNU Tsinghua.jpg

Tsinghua IGEM: Peking University

Attendance : Zou Yilong(Tsinghua), Zhou Zhou(Peking),Tao Yu et al

We discussed about the panorama of iGEM competition and synthetic Biology.

Tsinghua IGEM: Invitrogen Ltd.

Attendance: Yilong Zou(Tsinghua), Licun Zhang(Invitrogen), Pan Qiao(Invitrogen)

Invitrogen corporation has helped Tsinghua IGEM intensely through not in the name of a sponsor. Invitrogen staff has tried their best to give our team the top-quality and most rapid service in DNA synthesis and sequencing.

Tsinghua IGEM: ETH_Zurich

Mr. MA Ting Martin, one our team members, also paid a visit to the ETH Zürich (Eidgen?ssische Technische Hochschule Zürich ) iGEM on behalf of the Tsinghua team.

The meeting was set to the afternoon of 4th September in Zürich. First, Georg Ofenbeck, communication officer of the ETH team, showed Mr. Ma around their laboratory in the main campus of ETH, which resides in the heart of the Zürich. After that, they two traveled to the suburb of the city, where the science park of ETH is located, to meet another member of the ETH team, Sebastian, who is responsible for the technical design and execution of their project. In the main cafeteria, Georg and Sebastian gave a brief presentation of their project and their current progress. Mr. Ma was very interested in how they managed the project and how instructors interacted with student, and they exchanged their information on this in detail. Then Mr. MA also gave a presentation of the project in Tsinghua, with brochures distributed. Members of the ETH team showed intense interests, and asked several technical questions in the Q&A session. At last, Mr. Ma offered two china cups from Tsinghua University to the ETH team and they exchanged their best regards.

The meeting with the ETH team lasted for about 3 hours, and was very successful. This was the first time we meet iGEM teams abroad, which enabled us a unique opportunity to know more about our peers and establish friendship with them.

Tsinghua IGEM: Hong Kong University: Hong Kong UST

                                  HKU TH HKUST.jpg

These three teams are brought together by SB4.0 held in Hong Kong and shared lots of experiences and ideas together.

Tsinghua IGEM:USTC

Attendance (by Phone): Yilong Zou(Tsinghua); Yuemeng Wang(Tsinghua); Bo Ding(USTC)

We shared the experiences in parts standardization. Our vector used in the standardized parts was recommended by Bo Ding from USTC team;Tsinghua team welcomed USTC teams to lodge together during the coming Jamoboree;the two teams shared experiences in project funding.

Tsinghua DSM:

Attendance: Guoqiang Chen(Tsinghua); Yuanfan Yang(Tsinghua); Zi Wang(Tsinghua); Yilong Zou(Tsinghua); Martin MA(Tsinghua); Shaoping OuYang(DSM); Helen Wang(DSM);

Tsinghua IGEM team and DSM corporation are both interested in the advances in PHA manufacturing, we shared visions and tried our best to realize a signed collaboration.

Tsinghua: SB4.0

Thirteen members in Students’ Association of Synthetic Biology in Tsinghua University joined and enjoyed this great event. 11 of them are formal iGEM 2008 Tsinghua team members, and 1 them is Tsinghua IGEM2009 team member.


Tsinghua: Tianjin Unversity

We kept in touch during all the way along the preparation of iGEM 2008 and shared lots of experiences.

It is such a fantastic feeling to find that there are so many companions during this exciting journey.


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