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News Headlines:

  • The Jamboree page has been revamped. Check it out to find more detailed Jamboree information.
  • Take a look at the Hotels page for suggestions on where to stay in November.
  • Make sure to submit a request for variance if your team is using a non-BioBrick standard method. See the Judging page for more details.
Time to register for the iGEM 2008 Jamboree! All iGEM participants are highly encouraged to come to the Championship Jamboree on November 8-9. If you have not done so already, make sure to book your hotel room and make travel plans. Keep in mind the iGEM workshops on Sunday evening and the newly announced Biobricks Foundation meeting on Monday morning. See the weekend's schedule for more details.

We will be providing more information on Jamboree requirements such as how to send your parts to us soon. Join a committee to help plan the Jamboree social event, work on safety in iGEM, or more. And don't forget to make your team t-shirts!
(Note: Registration is due on September 17th!)

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