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Running an MFC Experiment from Start to Finish

This page is intended as a comprehensive guide to completing a microbial fuel cell experiment

Creating a Testing Environment

Begin 1-2 weeks prior to experiment

Constructing Fuel Cell Components

Setup of Digital Multimeter

Controlling the DMM with LabView™

Experiment Preparation

Begin 1 day prior to experiment

Assembling Chambers

Solutions Prep

Chamber media

  • 5.844 g/L 100mM NaCl
  • 15.1185 g/L 50mM PIPES (hydrogen)

7.0 pH

Phosphate buffer

  • 2.918 g/L Monosodium phosphate, monohydrate
  • 4.095 g/L Disodium phosphate, anhydrous
  • 5.844 g/L 100mM NaCl

7.0 pH

Gas Tubing Assembly

Growing Strains


Begin 2 hours prior to experiment


Fuel Cells


Clean Up