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Grosse GROSSE Pomme de Terre !

The BacterioClock

Were you ever dreaming about a new way of thinking everyday life objects ? Be sure .this will come true, under the form of our BacterioClock ! A simple tube which contains the modified bacteria we have created will give you the time, directly from living organisms. <right> </right> To achieve this incredible project, we have decided to rely on a genetic structure that allows a specific sequence of lighting (Firt In - First Out behaviour) to occur. The models designed have shown that simply adding a negative feedback from a lighting gene to the first activator will not yield oscillations ! Therefore, we have proposed to induce a necessary delay, through a synchronization process among the population, as represented below :

More precisely, the oscillations obtained will allow a precise control of the period of our clock. Moreover, thanks to the Biobricks proposed during the iGEM competition, one can imagine to have a self-tuning according to daylight for instance.

In a nutshell, the new trendy item which will make every biologist in your lab jealous will soon be available. If you manage to wait for the updates, you might even get the version which automatically react to daylight saving time ;)