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Wet Lab

Alexandra-Bouaziz.jpg Alexandra Bouziz Philippe-Bouziz.jpg Philippe Bouziz
Biology Biology
Background & Interests: (Alexandra) Background & Interests: (Philippe)
Ana-Jimenez.jpg Ana Jimenez Image 125.jpg Fanny Caffin
Biology Biology
Background & Interests: (Guillaume) Background & Interests: (Fanny)
Benoit-d'hayer.jpg Benoit d'Hayer Audrey-Desgrange.jpg Audrey Desgrange
Biology Biology
Background & Interests: (Benoit) Background :
Undergraduate student

Dance, Chocolate, Physiology, Genetics
Cyprien-Maisonnier.jpg Cyprien Maisonnier Tazzio Tissot.JPG Tazzio Tissot
Biology Science Academie
Background: Ecole Normale Supérieure Grad Student (Molecular Biology and Genetics)
Interests: Synthetic Biology, Penicillium roqueforti and Oenococcus oeni
Kok-Phen-Yan.jpg Kok-Phen Yan
Background & Interests: (Kok-Phen)

Dry Lab

MissingPerson.png Guillaume Bouchard Felipe-Golib.jpg Felipe Golib
Science Academie Integrative Biology
Background & Interests: (Guillaume) Background & Interests: Computer Science
Louis-hedde.jpg Louis Hedde Yann-Lecunff.jpg Yann Le Cunff
Engineer Applied Mathematics
Background & Interests: (Louis) Background:
Supelec Engineering School

Interests: coming soon...
Hugo-Raguet.jpg Hugo Le snake Raguet Romain-Rousseau.jpg Romain Rousseau
Engineer Engineer in Life Sciences
Background: Ecole Centrale des Arts & Manufactures de Paris
Interests: Bio, Apéro, Psycho. And, obviously, Audrey
Background: ParisTech Grad Student (Biology and Engineering)
Interests: Computers, Genetics
Damien Thomine
Background & Interests: (Damien)