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Follow us to enjoy the life:)

Our Special Friends

We have four frogs as our companions. They came from a market near Peking University and they are our lucky animals. They live in a colorful bottle on the lab table. We feed them, change the water for them, talk to them, and play with them. They are our team members, we enjoy our exciting moments while share our failures with them. Sometimes when we have to experiments overnight, they are the only friends who are always with us.

Frog all.jpg

Lab equals to boring work? No! Enjoy the games in lab!

When it was the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we felt that we also need games in lab. We organized "filling the boxes and tubes!" competition. Fill the tip-boxes in the shortest time and fill the tubes with an exact volume of water. And the winner Tian and Zhang received our prizes! What a happy moment!


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The best partners in lab as well as travel-mates outside

Fobidden City, Yesanpo, Singapore; inside Beijing, outside Beijing, flying out of China, iGEM PKU teamers are always together!