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Who we are


  • Eric Meltzer:
  • He Tian: Interests: the cutting edge of chemistry and biology
  • Jiqian Xing:
  • Lei Huang: Kong Daochun's Lab
    Interests: biomedical applications.
  • Qing Ma:
  • Qiushi Huang:molecular and cellular biology, interested in microbiology and synthetic biology
  • Songhai Tian:
  • Wenjun Shao: Working on evolution at CBI
    Interests: mathematical biology and systems biology
  • Xiao Yang: Molecular Design Laboratory
    Interests: chemistry/biology interface
  • Yijie Li: Molecular Design Laboratory
    Interests: Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Yi Zhang: Research associate, NIBS, China
    Interests: neuroscience
  • Yue Zhao: Working on organic synthesis of bioactive molecules now, and interested in biochemistry/synthesis biology
  • Yuanye Lu: Interests: behavior evolution
  • Zengguang Wang:
  • Zhou Zhou:

Faculty Advisors

  • Qi Ouyang:
  • Luhua Lai:
  • Yiping Wang:
  • Fangting Li:

Graduate Advisors

  • Chunbo Lou:
  • Ming Ni:
  • Xiaomeng Zhang:

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)

Where we're from