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Who we are


  • Eric Meltzer:Interests: putting genetic circuits to work to solve problems in pharmacology
  • He Tian: Interests: the cutting edge of chemistry and biology
  • Jiqian Xing: Interests: Bioinformatics and Biomathematics
  • Lei Huang: Kong Daochun's Lab
    Interests: biomedical applications.
  • Qing Ma: Intrigued by the aging problem and inspired by the beauty of calcium sparks. Currently enjoying the elegance of genetic circuits in synthetic biology.
  • Qiushi Huang:molecular and cellular biology, interested in microbiology and synthetic biology
  • Songhai Tian:Chemistry
  • Wenjun Shao: Working on evolution at CBI
    Interests: mathematical biology and systems biology
  • Xiao Yang: Molecular Design Laboratory
    Interests: chemistry/biology interface
  • Yijie Li: Molecular Design Laboratory
    Interests: Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Yi Zhang: Research associate, NIBS, China
    Interests: neuroscience
  • Yue Zhao: Working on organic synthesis of bioactive molecules now, and interested in biochemistry/synthesis biology
  • Yuanye Lv: Interests: behavior evolution
  • Zengguang Wang: Yeast Cycle
  • Zhou Zhou: Attempting to unravel the fission yeast cell polarity problem and to investigate the microtubule associated proteins involved Alzheimer's disease. Now dealing with synthetic biology to understand things in another perspective.

Faculty Advisors

  • Qi Ouyang:Professor of the School of Physics of PKU; Associate Director of Center for Theoretical Biology; Supporting us with experimental and theoretical advice; One of our sponsors. He is our dear and nice coach!
  • Luhua Lai: Professor; Head of Molecular Design Laboratory
  • Yiping Wang: Professor of PKU
  • Fangting Li

Graduate Advisors

  • Chunbo Lou
  • Ming Ni
  • Xiaomeng Zhang

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)

Where we're from