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I am a first year graduate student working on Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Texas Tech University, USA. I think intelligence is a magic stuff. So my research on Computer Science and Electrical Engineering involve Artificial Intelligence and Neurology respectively. They are the intelligence created by human and the God respectively.

I began to use Linux around 5 years ago, when I was a sophomore. The first Linux distribution I used is Red Hat 9. Very classic, unh? Then I followed the series : Fedora 1, Fedora 2, Fedora 4. Then, I noticed Ubuntu. I tried it once and found it's good, better than Fedora(Red Hat) community's. So Ubuntu becomes my favorite Linux distribution after that.

I think Ubuntu has a very active user community. As a Ph.D. student on Computer Science and MS student on Electrical Engineering, I would like to contribute spreading Ubuntu and help people using Linux.

This is my home: Welcome to contact me: