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Gang Wu is a graduate student in State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He holds a China software patent "An Automatic System of Leaf Recognition" (NO.2006118213) and has one publication "A Leaf Recognition Algorithm for Plant Classification Using Probabilistic Neural Network", IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology 2007, p12 - 17, 2007.

From Mar. 2007 till now, he is working on the project "Self-regulatory gene network and new components for gene regulation", conducted by Prof. Jin Wang (Stony Brook University, New York, US) and Prof. Erkang Wang (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Academician of CAS, CN). His job is to implement the classical Lac regulatory system to design a self-repression genetic switch. Learn the properties of sRNA in regulatory circuit. During Aug.2005 to Sept.2005 and Mar.2007, he utilized an SIRS model to analyze the pollution and decontamination information of past ten years and predict the tendency and quality of water in next twenty years in the project "A water pollution and decontamination model for Yangtze River". From Mar. 2005 to Jun. 2005, he was involved in the project "Microbial degradation of PU (polyurethane)". He collected and selected PU degradation microbes from environment using classical method of microbiology, participator.