Purdue/9 July 2008

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  • The transformations of the iGEM parts yesterday did NOT work (big surprise)
  • The control transformation worked okay, but only a few colonies grew up
  • Talked to Larisa: told us to concentrate extra transformation solution and replate with plating beads
    • The beads will help spread out the cells evenly and help any transformed cells grow
    • There aren't enough cells to do this yet, so we're letting it sit o/n at room temp. to let them grow up
    • Will bead plate tomorrow (making sure plates are warm before plating)
  • The stabs that iGEM sent us of the LacZ and SOS parts grew up beautifully on amp plates. This leads us to believe that the problem is indeed the filter paper.
  • The extra stabs are stored at 4C.

iGEM Meeting

Members Present

  • Craig Barcus
  • Janie Stine
  • Jessamine Osborne
  • David Jaroch
  • Dr. Rickus
  • Dr. Tao


    • It would be great if we could get some money soon (~$5000) so that we could send off our sequences and have the DNA made for us
    • Contact LOTS of people (Dr. Tao gave us a lot of names), all focusing on how we are enterprising, innovative undergraduates
    • Include a "profile page" with the fundraising letter that has pictures and a brief description of the team members

Edited by Janie Stine