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Tuesday, 09/16/2008

  • Digestion of Fusion 1+2 with PstI (NEBuffer 3 + BSA)
Digestion of Fusion constructs with PstI. All, except Fusion 1 colony 2 of NcoI/NdeI cloning, seem to be positive
  • F1+2 2,3 (KpnI), F1+2 1,3 (NdeI) sent to sequencing @ GATC
F2 NdeI #3, F1 NdeI #1, F1 KpnI #2 seem to be correct

Wednesday, 09/17/2008

Digestion of LuxP from glycerol stock and from bench culture. Both are positive.
  • Digestion of LuxP (Glycerol-Stock and cultures from Bench) with NcoI (NEBuffer 3) to check if correct
  • O/N cultures of LuxP cells from Glycerol stock

Thursday, 09/18/2008

  • Miniprep of LuxP
  • Cloning of LuxP into Fusion constructs with SalI/NotI
  • Transformation into DH5a competent cells

Friday, 09/19/2008

nothing to report

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