Beijing Normal/21 July 2008


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      The transformation of pSB1A3 is unsuccessful,
      however the situation of pSB1AT3 is no better: just 20~30 colonies.
      The steps as follows:
      1.cut douwn the sports stricktly following the instructions provided and we do spin it. 
      2. add all the TE containing the plasmids to 50ul competence cell (Top10, tested before expet) 
      3 stock in the 4 degree frigde for 30mins
      4 42 degree heat shock
      5 4 degree stock for 5~6 mins
      6 add 300ul SOB.
      7 37 degree incubate for more than 60mins
      8 plate the incubated cell culture on the plate containing amp
      9 incubate the plate at 37 degree for 12~14h


  However, we wanna to ask other teams members:
  1 When u eject the sport into the tube, will the colour turn pink?
  2 Is 5ul TE enough for u to elute the plamids? Or the solution is all absorbed by the
  the soaked paper?
  3 What does the instruction mean by 10% bleach? 
  We have several kinds of bleach in the lab and are confused about which is proper.