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We are planning three Teachers' Workshops in 2008, one in North America, one in Asia, and one in Europe.

At least one instructor from your team is required to attend. Students are encouraged to attend if possible. The workshop will describe the philosophical foundations of the iGEM program, describe the requirements and expectations for participation in 2008, and introduce the resources available to the participating teams. The workshop also provides an opportunity to meet the iGEM organizers, tour the laboratory operations that support the competition, socialize with other iGEM team leaders, and gather information and materials for a successful year.


  • Date: May 31, 2008
  • Location: CRI, Rue de Vaugirard, Paris <see map below>
  • Room: To be determined (follow the signs)

There is no charge to attend.

Your Role in the Teachers Workshop

Each team will be given less than 5 minutes to speak about their team and their involvement in iGEM this year. We advise against presenting slides because of time - as we are getting larger we want to give everyone the opportunity to speak but appreciate that we aren't just inviting you to come listen to team backgrounds all day. Please think about and be prepared to speak informally about the following:

  • How did you hear about iGEM and why did you get involved?
  • What are your expectations and hopes for iGEM 2008?
  • What has happened at your school to get ready for iGEM 2008?
  • Please describe the team - the students, the instructors, and the facilities available.
  • How are you supporting your team?
  • What projects is your team considering so far? (optional)

Please do not plan to give a presentation of the team's project. That will happen at the Jamboree.

Please be sure that you have applied for your team by mid-day the Friday before the workshop so that we can be sure that your user and team accounts are active.


Draft version of the agenda.

Saturday, May 3

Time Duration Session Speakers
8:30a 0:30 Registration & Coffee/Rolls
9:00a 0:30 Introduction to iGEM 2008 Randy Rettberg
9:30a 1:00 Synthetic Biology Based on Standard Parts Tom Knight
10:30a 0:30 Break
11:00a 0:30 Parameter Measurement Jason Kelly
11:30a 0:30 Parts, Plasmids, Assembly, Quality Control Meagan Lizarazo
Randy Rettberg
12:00p 1:30 Lunch combined with Team Introduction Activity
1:30p 1:00 iGEM in 2 Hours - Part 1 Meagan Lizarazo
2:30p 0:30 Break
3:00p 1:00 iGEM in 2 Hours - Part 2 Meagan Lizarazo
4:00p 0:30 iGEM 2008 Details and Software Tool Track Randy Rettberg
4:30p 0:30 Awards and Safety Drew Endy
5:00p 0:30 Discussion All
5:30p End of Session
5:30p 0:30 Tour of iGEM & Registry Headquarters (optional)

Travel Information

The CRI is located 5 minutes walk from the Luxembourg Gardens at the Paris Descartes Medicine Faculty in Cochin, the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI).

METRO: St Jacques

RER: Port Royal

BUS: 38, 83, 91

for more information, RATP